Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hi everyone, do you know what does eyes and our gaze reveal? Let's check it out or you may click this link http://eyetrack.info to see more.

This eye tracking video introduces you to the possibilities of the technology, as well as a quick demonstration which includes different settings such as commercials and website usability. We believe it's the future of market, usability and university research. The software isn't limited to one specific set of hardware and it's affordable without lacking in precision or quality in the data it produces.

There have been major improvements in the development of eye tracking hardware and software. We've seen examples of Mac OS, iOS, Android and Windows 8 being compatible with the tracking technic. And while there are some improvements to be made, we can already see the power of eye tracking in 2012 when it comes to user interaction. The relationship between humans and computers, and how we interact and use them, is ever changing. Touch is one example, were Apple introduced the iPhone and iPad touch. Imagine combining this with eye tracking and tracing kinect movements and we've got an interesting future ahead of us.

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