Tuesday, 14 March 2017


  • Shopper behaviour

Tobii Glasses Shopping Research

In this video the shopper is looking for a snack for their lunch, when they were recruited at the store entrance they told the recruiter that they knew exactly what they were going to buy. The eye tracking footage tells another story, see how they scan the shelves for inspiration. 

2.    App testing on Ipad

Ipad usability Testing - Using the new Tobii Glasses eye tracker you can see exactly where a person looks, for example on the Apple iPad when using the Wired App

App testing is becoming quite possibly the most important aspect of digital usability. The systems we use enable us to test in real world situations on both tablet computers and smart phones, whether it be sitting on the train on the way into work or enjoying an evening in front of the TV checking emails on a smart phone. 

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