Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Have you ever wondered that your eyes can see the future?Come on lets take a look at the next eye technology.

Ever wished your computer could respond to your thoughts? Good news -- it can. Get ready to leap into a new world with Tobii EyeX. Adding eye tracking to the action makes things fast, fun and totally intuitive. 

Eye-tracking technology is referring to the measurement of eye activity. Imotions (2016) stated, “Eye tracking implies the recording of eye position (point of gaze) and movement on a 2D screen or in 3D environments based on the optical tracking of corneal reflections to assess visual attention”. For instance, when our eyes are moving on where do we look, what do we ignore and when do we blink. This means that the eye tracker will collect the data by knowing on how the pupil is reacting to the different stimuli. This eye tracking data is collected using either a remote or head-mounted eye tracker that connected to a computer.

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