Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hi everyone we meet again!

Today I would like to talk about a recent news on eye tracking software. There was a recent news title “Vicar jailed after dying abuse victim gives evidence through eye-tracking software”. This news had reported on The Independent paper in United Kingdom. According to Agerholm (2017), the person has died before he could be informed of the jury’s conclusion. 

The picture above is a person named Cyril Rowe who was convicted of three counts of indecent assault after his victim was still able to give evidence despite his paralysis.

According to the Agerholm, Cyrill was died before he could be informed of the jury’s conclusion, although he had achieved his dying wish of giving evidence against Rowe, the Crown Prosecution service said in a statement. This eye tracking technology is helping him to describe on how a retired vicar abused a choirboy more than 35 years ago and has been jailed for four years. This modern eye tracking technology are using giving an evidence on how Rowe would lock the church door, pin him down and sexually abuse him, before apologizing and giving him £1 in just translating his blinks into wards. 

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